Monday, October 29, 2007

Big and Little Pumpkins

Just got back from an awesome week in the Northwest visiting friends in Oregon and Washington. The highlight by far was our little pumpkin of a nephew; Jackson. It was so hard to leave. Jackson you're our favorite!

Monday, October 15, 2007

remote control

Spent the afternoon with Zack and Wyatt from the youth group. You know you're supposed to work with youth when you go to Big 5 and get super excited when you see a miniature remote control helicopter for sale... and you're riding your bikes back from the store and can't wait to see if the thing works. It does. Get one. They're only $28.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We finally got some professional photos taken of us...

Here's a sample. Our friend from internship, Tara Malouf and her husband David, were really kind to take an afternoon and shoot some "real" photographs with her "really nice" camera. You can see more photos of us at flicker. Check her work out at redthreadphoto.

The New Blog

So, we decided to convert to eblogger from wordpress mainly because of how easy it is to post pictures on this site. But we also found that after looking at the Griffins site every day that we actually preferred the layout as well. The only real downside is that with wordpress you can create different pages... whatever the case, we hope you like the new look and start a blog of your own. With this one being easier we should have A LOT my regularity with our posts! Pictures are coming....