Friday, May 23, 2008

Cedar planked Salmon

I love to cook however I am a terrible baker unlike my mom and cousin Carrie, but cooking is something that I have been somewhat gifted at. Maybe it's not really a gift, but just the fact that you don't have to measure in cooking :-) But last weekend in Silverdale, it was 90 degrees for 2 days. I thought that maybe I was in heaven seeing as it hasn't been sunny and over 70 since we moved up here. So due to the warm weather, we wanted to fire up the grill. One of my most favorite things to eat is fish, however it is one of the food items that I only know how to make two ways, on the BBQ or in a pan (the recipe that Jenni tought me with Tilapia, shallots and butter!) My all time favorite fish recipe is one that my friend Cate taught me one of the summers I was nannying for her. Cedar Plank Salmon with real maple syrup and soy sauce. It literally tastes like candy and not to mention it's a really easy recipe:

Soak Cedar plank for 2-4 hours in water (so it doesn't burn on the grill)
1 lb of salmon (copper river is really good!)
3/4 cup of REAL maple syrup
1/3 cup of Soy sauce
1/2 tsp. of salt
1/2 tsp. of fresh pepper
whisk all ingredients in a bowl.

Place the Salmon on the plank, use a brush and brush on the liquid. Place plank with fish on a hot grill for about 20-25 minutes depending on how big your piece of fish is. Continue to brush on more of the liquid while it's cooking. Pull off grill when finished and you can keep the fish on the plank and serve as is!
Here is a picture of the rest of our meal, I also grilled some vegetables and made a yummy salad, I was trying to make a meal that wouldn't add to the heat we were having!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Second Wedding

So, you know those people who have a 2nd wedding or a re-commitment wedding? Okay, well I never thought that Chris and I would be that kind of a couple not only because our "1st wedding" was just 2 years ago and it was the absolute best day of our lives haven't felt like we needed to re create it. However, when we were in Arizona visiting our friends the Griffins, their daughters Jillian (soon to be 7yrs, who is my new best friend!!) and Miriam (3 yrs.) asked Chris and I if we could get married with their conditions of: Jillian would do my make up and hair and Miriam would dress Chris. So, after much thought we decided we would like to engage on this adventure with our new "wedding planners/personal assistants" and make the commitment again.

See our wedding photos below.

Chris and his groomsmen (in his pockets) holding my "slippers"- Miriam, you are a professional!
The Bride walking down the aisle with my Personal Assistant, you can't really tell how much blush I have on in the picture but Jillian sure loves the BLUSH!!!
Jillian performing the ceremony complete with the ring and the Little Girls Bible!
Chris and I right before the kiss!! Jillian reminded us that only married people get to kiss!

And to top off the celebration, we had a "wedding party jump" on the trampoline that you see in the background. What a beautiful celebration, thank you Mimi and Jillian!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Joseba speaks Basque for you.

For those of you who've never actually heard someone speak in Basque (Euskara) this is your big chance. Eskerrik Asko Joseba eta Joanna! (Thank you very much Joseba and Joanna!)

The Office

Our trip to Basque Country was really good. We had great times and are evenmore excited than ever to move! All in good time. For now we are back in Silverdale at the office. Here's a pic of Megan and I after we created our new "workspace".