Monday, March 31, 2008

Peanut Butter and ...................?

As many of you know, I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! So when our friend Joseba from Basque Country came for a week to the United States, we tried to introduce him to peanut butter. To our surprise however, he already had tried peanut butter and has even eaten it a couple of times. I was very excited to hear that he was a fellow P.B. lover and asked him about peanut butter and jelly. And his response was, "that is wrong!". Apparently in "british" English, jelly = jello. Peanut butter and Jello....sick. Once we got over that issue we explained how in the U.S., one of the most common things to eat as a kid (and still for Chris and I) was peanut butter and "jam", he still thought that was gross because where he comes from, peanut butter is a savory thing that you eat with LETTUCE or CUCUMBERS!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? And he thought PB&J was gross. To top it off, he told us that a common dessert to eat at a birthday party is jello and ice cream........ whoever created that must have been crazy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Silverdale, WA

To give everyone an idea of where we live now, we have included a map link: CLICK ON THE TITLE: SILVERDALE, WA (it's in blue) and it will take you straight to a MAP!!. Silverdale, WA is kind of a hard to place to imagine because when you say Washington, most people think of Seattle....or maybe people think of George... Anyways, Silverdale is our new home yet again. While Chris has thoroughly been enjoying everything about it here, I am beginning to see all the great things too.

For example:
- People are actually nice here, people don't try to cut you off in line and make really loud sighing noises when you ask the grocery clerk how they are doing and start a mini conversation.
- The cops really will pull you over for speeding, not like California.
- There is water everywhere and really tall trees everywhere.
- A lot of people still have farms here and grow actual food (that locals get to buy- yay :-) ).
- There is a really cool mini horse farm that Chris and I love to drive by and watch them run, it's a RIOT!!!
- You can have a farm and waterfront property on the same LOT!
- Houses seem GINORMOUS compared to California.
- Starbuck's isn't that cool here.
- Clouds and rain are cool because they don't last long and they usually produce a Rainbow!
- The air is really clear here.
- You can drink the tap water and it's really good.
- Less people, not as busy, boats.
- The Summer in the USA office is really cool!! The windows face the water!
- Driving a Jeep feels more appropriate.
- There are many reasons why Silverdale is cool so you will just have to come and check it out for yourself.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So it has been over a month since we last blogged. We apologize for being "those people who never update their blog".

We have since recuperated from sickness, spent a weekend with my sister, sold everything we own in garage sale #4 since we've been married, spent a weekend at Yosemite, stopped in Portland to visit with our favorite 2 nephews and moved to Silverdale, WA.

Chris and I are excited to be up here, however the rain and ice on the windshield this morning will take some adjusting to. Pictures will soon follow.