Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Basque Restaurant and Bakery in Bakersfield

This is a famous Basque restaurant in Bako called "Wool Growers" we went in and spoke with the bartender Jose Mari, who is from Irun in Basque Country. By the end of our conversation he told us to stop in again before we leave and he would give some names of people to contact when we move there! SWEET!

This is the Basque Bakery, "Pyrennes" named after the mountains that border the B.C., it smelled like Heaven when we walked in! The family who owns it is Basque and has been in Bako for a long time now. So rad!

Mi hermana

This is what happens when my sister and I get bored at the computer. I love you Erin, you are my favorite person to laugh with.
Comic book series.

On the Rollercoaster.


Happy Anniversary to my super manly, awesome husband whom I love so much. 2 years baby! Thanks Sharon King for remembering, it blessed us!